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Andie Anderson В 'Dirty Wives Club'

Andie Anderson - Dirty Wives Club

Энди Андерсон - одна похотливая красотка. Ее муж не может идти в ногу со временем, но хочет, чтобы она была довольна. Она хочет трахаться каждую секунду дня, и пока ее муж на работе, она принимает любой член, который есть вокруг. Макс закончил работу во дворе и не может оторвать глаз от ее удивительных больших сисек.

Andie Anderson В 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Andie Anderson - My Friend's Hot Mom

Энди Андерсон не занималась сексом очень давно, потому что ее муж больше не хочет ее трахать. Она отчаянно нуждается в члене и оргазме! Она считает, что ей сойдет с рук трах с Джимми, другом ее сына, потому что никто не заподозрит, что они перепихнулись, чтобы трахнуться.

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Andie Anderson В 'Handy Andie Worlds Best StepMom'

Andie Anderson - Handy Andie Worlds Best StepMom

Andie decides it's a great day for a hot tub. When she goes outside and see her step son Kai had the same idea. Kai lets her know its room for the both of them and Andie agrees. She gets naked, Kai shockingly asks her what she is doing. She says naked is the best way to enjoy a hot tub and that he should stop worrying, she is just his step mom. She gets in waving her big tits and ass around and it's about as much as Kai can take. He declares she can have the hot tub. As he stood up to get out his swim trucks were a lot smaller due to his massive erection. Andie feeling bad she caused it, asks him if he wants help with it. She doesn't want him to get blue balls. Kai takes her up on the offer and she begins to stroke his rock hard. But it seems to be taking too long. So, Andie comes up with the brilliant idea that they should just fuck. They begin fucking in the hot tub, and it is better than Andie imagined, so she requested they take it to the bed. The two go inside and fuck like it's the last day on earth. Kai finishes on her face. Andie is definitely getting step mom of the year award.

Andie Anderson В 'Joins The Parade'

Andie Anderson - Joins The Parade

So, Andie Anderson joins the parade this update and she is stacked. From her pretty eyes, to her giant tits. We cannot forget about her phat ass. Jonathan Jordan pulled the luck card on this one. As he oiled up her thick voluptuous body before her trip to pound town. He pulled out his bbc and she did not flinch, just took him into her mouth. Then Jonathan gave her the fucking her amazing body deserved. It was such a glorious sight to watch her pawg ass all oiled up, and bouncing everywhere. We wanted him to cum on her ass, but he painted her pretty face instead. Looking into her beautiful eyes, face covered in cum; I guess we can live with it.