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Elana Bunnz В 'Neighbor Affair'

Elana Bunnz - Neighbor Affair

Элана Баннц ополаскивается после тяжелой тренировки и замечает, что ее сосед выглядывает из-за забора. Она просит его о помощи, чтобы высохнуть, но на самом деле ей нужен его большой черный член глубоко внутри ее тугой мокрой киски.

Elana Bunnz В 'gets her big natural tits oiled up and her pussy stuffed by friend's boyfriend'

Elana Bunnz - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

Элана Буннц заходит в дом своей подруги, чтобы загореть на своем горячем теле и сиськах! Малана не знает, что парень ее подруги, Джонни, дома и заходит на топлесс Элане. Элана считает, что, поскольку Джонни рядом, он мог бы с таким же успехом протянуть ей руку и смазать маслом ее большую грудь. Джонни колеблется, так как Элана - лучшая подруга его девушки, но Элана убеждает его, что она не скажет. Итак, пока Джонни смазывает Элану маслом, Элана замечает его стояк и решает протянуть ему руку, заставив его накачать ее киску своим массивным членом.

Elana Bunnz В 'I Have a Wife'

Elana Bunnz - I Have a Wife

Элана Баннц находит валет Джеймса у ее постели. Она отправляет ему текстовое сообщение, в котором говорится, что если он хочет вернуть свой кошелек, ему придется на некоторое время бросить свою жену и снова трахнуть ее мокрую киску, потому что она так возбуждена.

Elana Bunnz В 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Elana Bunnz - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Элана Баннц прибыла в свой BNB и обнаружила, что Джакс все еще убирается. Элана решает спросить Джакса о некоторых советах о лучших местах, где можно выйти на улицу ночью, потому что Элана действительно может использовать петуха. На самом деле, она не может дождаться этого и решает взять большой черный член Джакса прямо здесь и там.

Elana Bunnz В 'My Wife's Hot Friend'

Elana Bunnz - My Wife's Hot Friend

Элана Баннц стирает белье у своей подруги, когда понимает, что ее трусики пропали. Единственный человек в доме — парень ее подруги, Лоусон, поэтому она спрашивает его, видел ли он их. Лоусон отрицает, что видел их, но Элана мельком видит свои трусики в кармане Лоусона. Лоусон приходит в себя и признается, что планировал понюхать их. Это заводит Элану, и она решает позволить Лоусону засунуть свой большой член в ее тугую киску.

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Elana Bunnz В 'Let's Play'

Elana Bunnz - Let's Play

Elana Checks into her airbnb, but a crazed masked game master is trying to make sure she doesn't check out. He locks her in a room and gives her a choice, play with a dildo or else. She runs and fights off the masked man for dear life. But just like a white girl in a scary movie she falls, and he catches her. She removes his mask in a struggle, and it is revealed he is Johnny her ex boyfriend. She asks him why he would go to such lengths. He expresses to her that he misses her and just wanted to see her naked again. Elana is so turned on, she tells him all he had to do was ask. She gets completely naked and Johnny can't help but worship her huge tits and phat ass. She tells him he better fuck her like he missed her, and Johnny does just that. Pounding her like bongos and enjoying her voluptuous body. He unloads on her face and will always remember this as the best halloween he has ever had.

Elana Bunnz В 'Booty Therapy'

Elana Bunnz - Booty Therapy

Logan has a problem, he's recently lost his job and is flunking out at college because all he can ever think about it booty. Luckily for him DR. Elana Bunnz is here to help. She uses a very specific method. Exposure therapy, if booty is all he thinks about then maybe booty is what he should get in order to get over his concentration issues. Elana had him close his eyes and once he opened them, her perfect booty was dangling in front of his face. From there, he spent some time worshiping his booty before she begged to get her pussy stretched in several different positions. All culminating with a huge load all over her face and tits.

Elana Bunnz В 'Wet T-Shirt Step Mom'

Elana Bunnz - Wet T-Shirt Step Mom

Elana Bunnz was trying to help her step son Juan Loco figure out how to work the shower when he shower suddenly started to work and turned her beautiful top all see through. Since she was half wet why not get fully wet and shower again. Seeing his step mom naked gave Juan a boner. She noticed his big dick and decided it needed a good soap and rinse. While she was at it why not add a little blowjob. Saliva cleans better. Obviously they started to fuck. And they fucked like rabbits until Juan s**t his cum over her face.

GI Joey В 'Busted!'

GI Joey - Busted!

Influencer & gym queen Elana is doing her thing when she notices Joey ogling her throughout her workout. Using her phone to film herself, Elana repeatedly catches Joey staring at her assets - but instead of being upset, she is turned on by this gym-rat GigaChad! This escalates to sneaky sex in the locker room as Joey tries to prove that dude-bros aren't the only thirsty people at gyms!

Elana Bunnz В 'Step Brother Has a Third Leg'

Elana Bunnz - Step Brother Has a Third Leg

Elana is taking way too long in the shower, and she is going to make her step brother Damion late. Damion gives her the option to get out, cause he is coming in. She is not having it at first; until he reveals the monster he has been hiding in his jeans. Now saving water is not the worst idea. She is even nice enough to help him clean it. And just to make sure its clean she is even willing to taste it to be certain. They fuck in the shower and then on the floor. I don't think either of them mind being late anymore.

Elana Bunnz В 'Squirting at the Roommate'

Elana Bunnz - Squirting at the Roommate

Elana Bunnz came home after a whole night out and went straight for a shower. Her roommate Danny Steele sneaked around the house to the shower window and snapped some nudes of her. He went back to his bedroom to jack off to the pictures. When Elana got out of the shower she heard some noises coming from Danny's room and she busted in, catching him dick handed. She was curious what he was masturbating to. What a surprise. It was pictures of her. She wasn't upset. He could have just asked. She dropped the towel and exposed her breathtakingly amazing breasts. Danny touched them. In no time the two were fucking. She was riding him. Then again in reverse. They fucked in doggy and missionary until Danny came into her mouth.

Elana Bunnz В 'You Should Be A Stripper'

Elana Bunnz - You Should Be A Stripper

We found a fucking smoke show today on the bus. She calls herself E Bunnz and she is the whole package. Pretty face, huge tits, and a perfect booty. It's a winner.We pay her some money to flash her tits, and then we get her on the bus for some real fun. She gets naked for us, showing off her insanely sexy body, and then our boy Peter takes her on a ride to pound town. They fuck in multiple positions, he lets out a huge load all over her face, then we drop her off and welcome her back any time!