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Gem Jewels В 'My Daughter's Hot Friend'

Gem Jewels - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Джем Джуэлс находится в доме и ждет, когда ее подруга вернется, чтобы они могли повеселиться в клубе. Отец ее подруги слышит и не может поверить, что они выходят на улицу в таких коротких шортах. Джем хочет показать ему нечто большее, чем свой наряд, как только шорты падают, он не может удержаться, чтобы не засунуть свой член в ее тугую киску.

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Gem Jewels В 'Caught Ass Handed'

Gem Jewels - Caught Ass Handed

Peter Green catches his step sister shaking her ass for the camera and Gem Jewels catches her stepbrother jacking of his dick to her shaking said ass. ooo seems like a catch 22 only way to solve this is to finish what you started separately, together! Peter finished filming for his sister and she sucks and fucks him like she should what an epic exchange.

Virgo Peridot В 'The Wetter the Booty, The Better the Sex'

Virgo Peridot - The Wetter the Booty, The Better the Sex

If you like big booties bouncing up and down in a pool and the shower, then you came to the right place! Gem Jewels and Virgo Peridot join f***es for a super-packed experienced for all of us to enjoy. They have thick, big, and beautiful asses that they love to strut around. We came prepared and sprayed their asses down with a water hose, and we drowned those asses with a bunch of oil. If that doesn't turn you on just wait until you see what they can do in the pool. The way the water curves around their asses makes me salivate. And when they rinse each other's booties off in the shower? Oh boy, this has to be one of my favorites. They were practically begging for cock and we had our boy Johnathan step in to fuck their wet pussies. I get lost watching both thick asses get fucked by a BBC, and that's not the only thing they do to it. You guys better watch to the end because you don't want to miss Gem cum everywhere and get a load of hot jizz all over her face. And you can't forget about Virgo going deep throat!

Gem Jewels В 'Drone Peeping Dude Gets Sneaky Anal'

Gem Jewels - Drone Peeping Dude Gets Sneaky Anal

Gem Jewels wants to go out clubbing, but her boyfriend isn't having it. After he insists that she stay home, Gem takes the opportunity to overtly tease Jimmy Michaels, her boyfriend's son and a college dude who is suddenly more interested in fucking Gem than his brand-new drone. Jimmy realizes he can put his drone technology to pervy use, flying it in through an open window to spy on Gem, who is masturbating in bed. After knocking Jimmy's drone out of the air, Gem invites him in to give her the big cock her man can't. From there, a close call where Jimmy has to hide under a blanket is the only thing that interrupts intense anal sex... until Gem's boyfriend barges in right at the end for a drone's eye view of his cuckolding.