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Последние обновления с участием Katie St. Ives

Katie St. Ives В 'Naughty Bookworms'

Katie St. Ives - Naughty Bookworms

Кэти Сент-Айвз опоздала на занятия в первый день, и профессор Мастерсон недоволен ею. Когда Кэти даже не читает материал, который он ей одолжил, он готов ее подвести. Теперь Кэти должна спуститься вниз, чтобы ее оценка повысилась!

Katie St. Ives В 'in Naughty Bookworms'

Katie St. Ives - Naughty Bookworms

Кэти направляется к Питу после того, как находит письмо в почтовом ящике их профессора от Пита. Она читает его вслух ему и в начале письма благодарит ее за то, что она хороший учитель. Кэти прыгает на дно, где Пит упоминает губы профессора, и что она является его конечной фантазии. Кейт всегда была влюблена в Пита, и теперь, когда у нее есть это письмо, она хочет что-то от него!

Katie St. Ives В 'and Danny Wylde in My Wife's Hot Friend'

Katie St. Ives - My Wife's Hot Friend

Кэти Сент-Айвс сходит с ума. Она потеряла собаку своих друзей, пока сидела с ним, и теперь она должна сказать Дэнни, который только что вернулся из отпуска в тропики с женой. Она мягко подводит его, но когда он начинает нервничать, потому что он должен что-то сказать своей жене - лучшей подруге Кэти - она просит его лгать и говорить, что Ровер уже несколько дней в собачьем спа. Кэти чувствует себя так плохо, что она предлагает Дэнни некоторое утешение путем минет, но он не решаются лгать и обманывать свою жену. Но Кэти хорошие природные сиськи заманить его к ее киску, так что теперь он трахал как образно и буквально.

Katie St. Ives В 'and Michael Vegas in Naughty Athletics'

Katie St. Ives - Naughty Athletics

Кэти Сент-Айвс имеет огромную влюбленность в ее плавать инструктор Майкл, и она была тайком в мужскую раздевалку только так она может получить заглянуть его голым в душе. Когда он ловит ее во второй раз, он говорит ей, что он не может пройти через это, потому что он ее учитель; он мог получить консервы, и она может получить выгнали из класса или хуже. Но с ее голым, естественное тело, стоящее перед ним, Кэти слишком убедительно, особенно когда она говорит ему, что проверили, чтобы убедиться, что место было пусто и обертывания пальцы вокруг его член! Теперь это взрослый плавать ...

Сцены с других сайтов с участием Katie St. Ives

Katie St. Ives В 'fucking in the bench with her outie pussy'

Katie St. Ives - fucking in the bench with her outie pussy

Katie St. Ives has a huge crush on her swim instructor Michael, and she's been sneaking in to the mens locker room just so she can get a peek of him naked in the shower. When he catches her the second time, he tells her that he can't go through with it because he's her teacher; he could get canned and she could get kicked out of class or worse. But with her naked, natural body standing before him, Katie's a bit too convincing, especially when she tells him that the checked to make sure the place was empty and wraps her fingers around his dick! Now that's adult swim...

Katie St. Ives В 'fucking in the couch with her petite'

Katie St. Ives - fucking in the couch with her petite

Bill is interviewing his wife's friend Katie as a potential employee at the restaurant he manages, but when he finds out that she was canned from her last two waitressing jobs due to drama with other employees, he's a bit skeptical of her. He asks if she'd be interested in other positions, such as bareback or shot girl, but she says she's not. When Bill says he'll have to think about it, Katie let's him think about it ' while she's sucking his cock. He gets a "job," but will she?

Katie St. Ives В 'fucking in the desk with her tattoos'

Katie St. Ives - fucking in the desk with her tattoos

Katie St. Ives showed up late for class on the first day and Professor Masterson isn't happy with her. When Katie doesn't even read the material he lent to her, he's ready to fail her. Now Katie has to go down so her grade will go up!!

Veronica Avluv В 'Coming Out To Mommy'

Veronica Avluv - Coming Out To Mommy

Veronica Avluv can't wait to finish work because today, her step daughter Katie St. Ives is coming home from college. Veronica receives a call from Katie letting her know she was on her way home and that she has something very important to tell her. Katie makes it home eagerly waiting for her mother to arrive to tell her the big news. Soon enough, Veronica walks in her bedroom, somewhat taken back at the way her daughter has changed. With Katie's new tattoos and short hair, Veronica hears the biggest secret Katie was scared to confess; Katie came out revealing she was a lesbian! Veronica was not at all upset, on the contrary, she was happy for her daughter and actually shared that she also had lesbian experiences. Now that Katie let all her secrets out, it was time for Veronica to do the same. She admitted to her daughter that she hasn't been with a woman and a very long time and was dying to know how it felt again and to also show her a few things. Katie was so shocked hearing her mother's request, but was totally into it. It was time for Katie to be with a mature woman, but she wasn't ready or didn't have a clue what she was going to expect.Seeing a little hole in Katie's shirt, Veronica rips it apart, exposing Katie's ripe nipples. Katie didn't know this was a sign of Veronica taking charge and complete domination. Twisting the torn fabric between Katie's tits, Veronica sucks on her nipples, pinching them with intensity. Veronica has Katie obey her, grabbing her hair making sure she knows who the boss is. Bending her over, she now has Katie on all fours, spanking her sweet round ass leaving red hand marks. Spreading Katie's pussy lips she teases her insides, teaching her new things Katie never dreamed of. Veronica instructs Katie to pleasure her just like she showed her to. Pushing the insides of her vagina out, Veronica teaches Katie how to put her whole hand inside her. Katie slowly pushes four fingers deep inside until she is amazed that her whole hand is inside. Pleasuring her mother with great force, Veronica orgasms, squiring all over Katie's hand and chest, and as Veronica places on body on top of Katie's , they orgasm and squirt simultaneously all over each other. Veronica notices the time and tells Katie to quickly get dressed as her father will be home soon and makes the bed like nothing happened. Hopefully in the near future Veronica and Katie can continue where they left off, don't you think?

Katie St. Ives В 'All In The Family'

Katie St. Ives - All In The Family

Sweet and horny step daughter Katie St. Ives has been licking her lips every time our cock has come in the room and now we have the alone time to please her craving. Katie dropped to her knees and took in every inch of meat down her throat before spread open her pink lips to take it balls deep. Our guilt only made our pole harder and Katie took advantage taking cock faster for some family cream of love.

Katie St. Ives В 'POV'

Katie St. Ives - POV

The views in this scene are fantastic! The beautiful natural landscape and Katie's curves are both a feast for the eyes! Katie St Ives debaucherous roll with Manuel Ferrara in this amazing POV blowjob scene puts you in a first person perspective of what's it's like to be blown in style by Katies luscious mouth!

Katie St. Ives В 'Katie St Ives's Best Deepthroat!'

Katie St. Ives - Katie St Ives's Best Deepthroat!

Katie St Ives loves sucking cock and getting deepthroated till she gags and chokes, that is why she is here today at the Throated studios. So as for Katie's wishes she was offered a prick to perform her magical talents on. Lucky Anthony Rosano will shove his dick down her dirty throat and make her drool all over her own face.

Katie St. Ives В 'Sexual Torment for a Willing Slave'

Katie St. Ives - Sexual Torment for a Willing Slave

Katie St. Ives is helpless and dominated with rough sex.

Katie St. Ives В 'The Milking Massager'

Katie St. Ives - The Milking Massager

Katie St. Ives is a master of the fine art of cock milking, and she's brought in her favorite subject Johnny Sins for an extra special session. She gets him in the mood by shaking her ass for him, and then he gives her juicy butt, perky natural tits, and pretty little feet a nice oily rubdown. He eats out her tight pussy until she's dripping wet, and then lets her suck and fuck his big cock. She rides Johnny's big dick all over her massage table until she's cumming hard, and then tells Johnny to get on the table and prepare for her signature move: jerking his dick through a glory hole until he spurts a big load all over her pretty face!

Katie St. Ives В 'Sweet Petite 2'

Katie St. Ives - Sweet Petite 2

Katie St Ives Petite Girl Nailed Hard. First a little teasing bump and grind then a smattering of rubbing her pussy but when the cock shows up Katie St. Ives is in her element. A hot little brunette in green lingerie and stiletto heels Katie loves giving a sloppy blowjob and this cock hound gets real vocal when getting nailed hard. Just a few tattoos on this natural bodied slattern and you'll be glad you gave St. Ives your time.

Katie St. Ives В 'Big butt brunette swallows some cum'

Katie St. Ives - Big butt brunette swallows some cum

Katie is a good friend of Bang Bros and we always enjoy her company so we invited her to come to our little mansion for some "afternoon delight". Once you get a good look at Ms. St. Ives you will understand why we love her. She's a petit brunette with spunk and moxie that wont quit. Perky tits and a tight ass round up her magnificence in a short but sweet package any man could appreciate. We got our good friend Xander involved and he just went to town, village and big city on her. There were times during the shoot we thought they were just going to meld in to one another. they went at it and I mean AT IT. Don't believe me? Watch the fun for your self now!

Katie St. Ives В 'Strap Attack 18'

Katie St. Ives - Strap Attack 18

Big-assed blonde AJ Applegate and brunette bimbo Katie St. Ives wear tiny pink mini skirts, tiaras and strap-on dongs for Coach Kurt Lockwood -- each girl wants to be Homecoming Queen, and they know the kind of threesome he likes. The princesses suck cock, lick balls and tongue his asshole extensively. Katie rides his boner while AJ sits on his face. Coach sucks both strap-ons; AJ eats pussy and her vibrator buzzes. As AJ nails Coach's ass, Katie blows him; as Katie reams his ass, he fucks AJ. AJ's licking his bunghole again as he creams Katie's gob. The sluts kiss and swap cum mouth-to-mouth.

Katie St. Ives В 'Facesitting Tales 04'

Katie St. Ives - Facesitting Tales 04

Busy nerd Eric Jover receives a call from young brat Katie St. Ives. Quickly she takes over his life, ordering him to chauffeur her around town, then demanding he pick her up later at a mysterious address. But when Eric arrives, he finds himself in a well-equipped dungeon, with nasty Katie in dominatrix attire. Wielding a riding crop, the bitch makes him worship her plump butt with his tongue. He submissively sucks her pretty bare feet; she smothers him with her ass. After more face sitting torment and foot worship, Katie jerks him to orgasm... and feeds Eric his own splooge!

Katie St. Ives В 'Crack Fuckers 4'

Katie St. Ives - Crack Fuckers 4

Wearing a skin-tight cotton dress, porn pro Katie St. Ives teases director Kevin Moore. While Kevin shoots POV-style, this curvaceous, all-natural girl reveals her boobs and pale, soft booty clad in black French-cut undies. The director can't resist rubbing his stiff boner in Katie's enticing butt crack. Soon she's lying on the bed, slurping on his hard dick and oiling up her sweet rump and chest for more grinding frottage of her squeezable, glistening buttocks and luscious tits. Katie provides a nude lap dance, pushing against Kevin's shaft until it erupts hot semen.

Katie St. Ives В 'Lex Poles Little Holes'

Katie St. Ives - Lex Poles Little Holes

Wearing skimpy jean shorts and a tight tank top, pretty and petite Katie St. Ives primps in front of a mirror and teases cameraman Kevin with her soft, white ass. He suggests they call black stud Lexington Steele over for a session of interracial action. Big Lex fondles the adorable slut, rubbing Katie's sweet ass with his enormous dick, sliding the massive member inside her sheer panties. Soon the diminutive beauty is on her knees, orally worshiping his huge ebony shaft. Katie eagerly fucks his monster cock and slurps his meat until Lexington decorates her pretty face with gooey sperm.

Katie St. Ives В 'Raw 15'

Katie St. Ives - Raw 15

With her long hair dyed black, naturally busty Katie St. Ives poses for filmmaker Manuel Ferrara. She performs a seductive striptease, baring her soft boobs and shapely ass until the director can't resist. Katie straddles his head, grinding her adorable butt and sweet pussy on his face. Then this gorgeous, green-eyed vixen sucks Manuel's massive cock, tongues his ball sack and submissively rims his bunghole. Filming her POV-style, he stuffs the young beauty full of thick, throbbing meat, fills her mouth with hot spunk and watches Katie gulp it down with a smile. This is unscripted, private, raw footage.

Katie Summers В 'Foot Fucking Fetish Foursome'

Katie Summers - Foot Fucking Fetish Foursome

Four sexy vamps dominate footslave demanding he worship tier feet and give them orgasms before he's allowed a footjob and cum on all their toes!

Katie St. Ives В 'Face Fucking Inc 11'

Katie St. Ives - Face Fucking Inc 11

Gorgeous slut Katie St. Ives wears a short skirt and big-girl pumps with a dog chain and collar. She's part of a special birthday gift for Tone Capone. She undresses, displaying her perfect, small frame, then goes to work on the birthday boy's hard cock. Katie tongue-slathers his huge, black boner with spit, lapping at his balls and deep-throating his meat until her pretty eyes water. He fingers Katie's neatly trimmed twat and dumps a load of cum in the brunette's mouth.

Katie St. Ives В 'Nanny Fanny'

Katie St. Ives - Nanny Fanny

Katie loves being the Baileys' nanny, but she's sick of studying for college. She'd much rather be an actress. When she tells this to Mr. Bailey, he offers to help her get into show business. Slowly his friendly shoulder massage turns to a full on oiled-up examination - after all, he has to see if she's star material!

Kendra Lust В 'Lustful eyes'

Kendra Lust - Lustful eyes

Katie was hanging out with her boyfriend in the kitchen of her step moms house. Her boyfriend kept grabbing her juicy round ass and she kept telling him to stop because her step mom was upstairs in her bedroom. Her boyfriend persuaded her to let him fuck and he drilled her pussy from behind. While they were fucking, her step mom, Kendra, walked into the kitchen and caught them. She made Katies boyfriend sit down and began playing with his cock while Katie was watching. She began sucking his cock and playing with his balls. Then, her step mom grabbed Katie and began undressing her while kissing her. Katies step mom had Katie lick her pussy and ass in front of her boyfriend. Kendra got her pussy pounded while she munched on Katies pussy. They took turns getting their pussies pounded and he glazed his man juice all over Katies mouth.

Katie St. Ives В 'wants big dick, NOW!'

Katie St. Ives - wants big dick, NOW!

Katie likes big dicks. She knows That Rico Strong has the goods. Katie loves to suck dick and doesnt know how anybody can say that they dont. She can stuff a dick down her throat up to 13 inches. She is also a freak for the dick, Katie likes to stuff her wet pussy with cock deep inside her vaginal hole and fell it filling her up inside. This is pure whackable material.

Katie St. Ives В 'Flawless Booty!'

Katie St. Ives - Flawless Booty!

This week's update of PAWG is absolutely wonderful. Katie St. Ives has an all natural body that's flawless. From her head to her toes. A pretty face, natural tits, a juicy ass and a butterfly pussy. Chris Strokes is greatful to have this ass on his massive cock. You could tell by the way he strokes her pussy. Amazing!

Dana DeArmond В 'No Warning 7'

Dana DeArmond - No Warning 7

Brunette bitch Dana DeArmond is in the mood for some lesbian domination. The lanky sweetheart is feeling a bit mean, ready to inflict her sadistic sexual whims on curvaceous Katie St. Ives. Dana binds her with vinyl hazard tape and eats out Katie's big, cushiony ass, taking total control of the naturally buxom beauty, tickling and tormenting Katie's bare feet and fingering her to orgasm. When cute blonde Lia Lor shows up late, Dana uses her newly trained slave to teach Lia some manners. Dana disciplines both young sluts with spanking, spitting, analingus, foot fucking, bondage and titty torture!

Katie St. Ives В 'Being Bad'

Katie St. Ives - Being Bad

Walter Whitecock gets suspended from teaching at school after a student makes false accusations about him. Frustrated, Walter turns to one of his old students, Jessy Stinkman, to produce "boner pills" for some quick cash! Eager to find out if his recipe works, Walter finds Katie, another student at school and teaches her an unforgettable lesson!

Bella Donna В 'Foot Soldiers 3'

Bella Donna - Foot Soldiers 3

Shapely, all-natural redhead-next-door Katie St. Ives tries everything to get director Manuel Ferrara's attention: working out suggestively in his gym; masturbating in the lounge chair next to his; even parading around naked and fucking a dildo in front of him! This he can't ignore - Manuel helps ream Katie's hungry asshole with her big toy and lovingly tongues her pussy and ass. Katie wraps her lips around his enormous shaft. The director inserts giant anal beads in her fleshy butt, then gives this gorgeous slut a relentless rectal cock-plowing until he aims a messy load of jizz into Katie's open mouth.

Katie St. Ives В 'Foot Soldiers 3'

Katie St. Ives - Foot Soldiers 3

Sassy, dark-haired Katie St. Ives indulges handsome James Deen by letting him tongue-clean her shapely feet. The gorgeous young lady mashes his face with her pretty soles and tramples his bare torso. As James slurps on her sensitive toes, Katie gets more aroused. The frisky slut sucks his big cock, uses her feet to rub up and down his rock-hard shaft and shoves her plump ass into his face. James slides inside her wet, unshaven pussy and gives Katie a relentless fucking. Their intimate love session climaxes as James spurts all over Katie's toes; this lovely girl licks them clean!

Katie St. Ives В 'The Pussys Out of the Bag'

Katie St. Ives - The Pussys Out of the Bag

Lily has turned into the perfect little homemaker with a dirty past When her fiance brings his sister, Katie, over, Lilys past comes roaring back to fuck her good and hard

Katie St. Ives В 'Spit'

Katie St. Ives - Spit

Filthy brunette Katie St. Ives is hungry for a big, hard cock. She thrusts her fingers down her gullet, making her mouth water, and smears her spit all over a glass window for our entertainment. Katie lies on her back as tattooed Tommy Pistol offers her his raging prick. She swallows his member to the root, gagging and getting brutally face-fucked as her slobber covers them both. Katie orally worships his boner and strokes his shaft with her pretty feet. After she's submissively slathered his dick with drool, Tommy spurts a load of gooey cum onto Katie's face.

Katie St. Ives В 'Katie St. Ives, Bound Tight and Shocked!'

Katie St. Ives - Katie St. Ives, Bound Tight and Shocked!

It's Katie St. Ive's first bondage scene and you'll only see it on Electrosluts! Irked at her restraints, she is still eager to please!

Katie St. Ives В 'Her Very First Time'

Katie St. Ives - Her Very First Time

Katie St. Ives does her first bondage and electrical scene with me. She rarely does G/G, but I induce her pussy to squirt!

Katie St. Ives В 'Sloppy Head 4'

Katie St. Ives - Sloppy Head 4

Katie St. Ives is a gorgeous slut who loves sucking dick. And she likes making a great big mess while she does it! This stunning brunette bimbo strips out of her bikini and warms up her sweet pussy using a vibrating wand. Then she slurps on Winston Burbank's giant cock, deep-throating the shaft and drooling stringy saliva onto her big, natural tits. After Winston shoots his hot load into her face, Katie services director Jonni Darkko's stiff pole, while still splattered with gooey jism! This horny cocksucker earns a second mouthful, leaving her pretty face dripping with slobber and semen.

Kayla Carrera В 'Nasty Anal Tryouts 2'

Kayla Carrera - Nasty Anal Tryouts 2

Brunette Brandy Aniston wears sexy lingerie, fishnets and heels. She bends over to display her puckered, meaty bunghole before letting stud bury his tongue inside. Next the beautiful slut gobbles performer's cock, drools on his balls and wraps her cleavage around his pole for a POV-style titty fuck. The dude greases up Brandy's round bum and plows her sphincter until it gapes. Brandy hungrily sucks his dick, ass-to-mouth, and rides his boner until the horny man can take no more. He pulls out of Brandy's asshole and shoots a wad of cum across her glistening buttocks.

Katie St. Ives В 'Whores on the 14th'

Katie St. Ives - Whores on the 14th

Manuel's favorite Kristina Rose is dolled up in a backless corset/mini-dress combo and knee-high buckled fetish boots. Wordlessly, she sashays down the hallway, performing a long, lazy and sexy tease - she doesn't even spread her cheeks and wink her puckered asshole at the camera until the eight and a half minute mark! She strips down to just her boots and sits backwards on the toilet, shoving a clear plug up her ready ass. At the eighteen-minute mark Manu finally enters the picture, his face going straight for her ass. On his hands and knees, he snuffles around like a pig seeking truffles. Then he turns macho, grabbing the newly black-haired Kristina by the neck and slapping her face while she roots around in his jeans, squealing and gasping. He spanks and finger-fucks her in the toilet stall at length, jamming four fingers to the second knuckle up her anus before shoving her head in the toilet and closing the lid on it. Kristina begs to come as he hand-fucks her. She crawls over to suck his cock and he makes her jiggle her ass cheeks against the floor as she gulps his balls. Eventually they get to the bedroom, where some face-fucking and tea-bagging leads to Kristina curled in a ball on the bed, mewling and crying as Ferrara does the up and over, slamming her pussy as she licks his toes. 'I want to taste every part of you, I want to belong to you,' she begs, and he rolls her over so he can grab her by the neck and start slapping her face. In a marathon scene fucks her ass every which way but loose, reducing Rose to babytalk and exhortations of true love that seem surprisingly intimate. At last, Manual drags her into another bathroom and swirlies her some more, sodomizing her as she cries out over and over, 'I'd do anything for you.' What she does next is stick her tongue out, so Manny can stroke his load out all over it. Then she sits on the toilet and shows off the damage to her ass.

Katie St. Ives В 'POV'

Katie St. Ives - POV

Katie St. Ives needed more than a coffee break; she was due for a cup o' dick with extra foam! James gave it to her...POV style.

Katie St. Ives В 'Dark Meat 4'

Katie St. Ives - Dark Meat 4

Shapely, all-natural redhead-next-door Katie St. Ives tries everything to get director Manuel Ferrara's attention: working out suggestively in his gym; masturbating in the lounge chair next to his; even parading around naked and fucking a dildo in front of him! This he can't ignore - Manuel helps ream Katie's hungry asshole with her big toy and lovingly tongues her pussy and ass. Katie wraps her lips around his enormous shaft. The director inserts giant anal beads in her fleshy butt, then gives this gorgeous slut a relentless rectal cock-plowing until he aims a messy load of jizz into Katie's open mouth.

Katie St. Ives В 'Up Her Asshole POV'

Katie St. Ives - Up Her Asshole POV

Shapely, all-natural redhead-next-door Katie St. Ives tries everything to get director Manuel Ferrara's attention: working out suggestively in his gym; masturbating in the lounge chair next to his; even parading around naked and fucking a dildo in front of him! This he can't ignore - Manuel helps ream Katie's hungry asshole with her big toy and lovingly tongues her pussy and ass. Katie wraps her lips around his enormous shaft. The director inserts giant anal beads in her fleshy butt, then gives this gorgeous slut a relentless rectal cock-plowing until he aims a messy load of jizz into Katie's open mouth.

Katie St. Ives В 'Big Cock For Little Katie'

Katie St. Ives - Big Cock For Little Katie

Katie St. Ives is searching for her prince charming, but she wants her prince to have a monster cock. It's a match made in Bang Bros heaven when we introduce her to Prince Yashua. Yashua has exactly the big dick Katie has been searching for. All she ever wanted was to be filled to the brim with black dick and we have made her dream come true. Katie is 21 years old and has never experienced a cock so big in her life. As soon as Prince pops out the magic stick she drops to her knees and starts sucking away. She shoves that cock so deep inside her small throat her eyes start to water up. After all the sloppy and wet bj action she wants to try her prince charmings cockasaurus rex all up in her tight twat. He slips it in slow and fucks her fast and hard. We always come through for our ladies! Call Bang Bros. We'll find you the big dick you need ladies!

Katie St. Ives В 'Katie St. Ives'

Katie St. Ives - Katie St. Ives

Girl next door machine fucked to orgasm and squirts a river for the first time in her life.